you need
  • need a lot of time and effort, as well as hair dye, Blondirujushchy agent (remover, powder, peroxide)
Think about whether youmust be repainted in bright colors.Remember that paint a rather spoils the hair, so it is best to leave the black one is not abruptly, but gradually, slowly but surely, brightening the tone of the voice.
The first thing you need pick up the paint.It should contain a fairly large amount of oxidant.It is necessary to strongly discolor your hair before you apply the new color.
As in the disguise of a black light
Remove the dark color from your hair.This is best suited Blondirujushchy remover, powder or Blondirujushchy oxidant.This is necessary to ensure that a li
ghter shade lingered on your hair.However, remember that this procedure can negatively affect the health of the hair.

If you bleach your own color, white mozho use henna or perekesyu hydrogen.In any case, all these drugs are very bad for the hair.They become dull, lifeless, increased brittleness and loss.
Then apply the color to the hair.Hold it on the hair and rinse.Remember that the color should be held long enough to make it fixed on your hair.
As in the disguise of a black light
Rinse paint.Dry hair.Look at the color of your own, if necessary, repeat the procedure to obtain the desired color.

Generally professionals recommend taking a break of several days between the bleaching of hair and new paint in the desired shade.This is necessary for the "rest" of the hair.But many women are not likely to follow him, so the spacecraft is necessary to look good every day.
As in the disguise of a black light