Pigtails of harnesses.
Divide the hair into three sections.Each strand twist into a tight tourniquet.Hold three fingers harness that during weaving are not unwind.Tow weave braid and secure it with a rubber band or a tight hairpin.
Kos four strands.
net slightly damp hair and carefully comb zacheshite on his head.Divide them into four equal strands.Each strand set the code number, and the rightmost strand so be the first.Take the first strand and the second place.The third strand is located above the first and second.Then take the fourth strand and miss at first.In the same sequence weave braid desired length.
«fish tail."
carefully comb the hair and zacheshite them back.Take the fine strands of hair from the left and right temple, crossed them on his head
.Hold place fingers crossed, take one more strand of the left side and put it on top.Then take a lock on the right side, located on the top.This continues to weave through.This braid can be decorated with artificial flowers or special rhinestone hair.
Kos five strands.
Dry hair comb and zacheshite ago.Divide them into five identical strands.Just as in the second step, set strands conditioned rooms.Take the first strand and the second place.Then take the third and put the first one.Fifth place a lock on the fourth and fifth on the first swipe.Tighten and continue to spin, trying to keep the same algorithm.
inverted French braid.
zacheshite all the hair back and divided into three strands.Rightmost strand held under the center, then left swipe at the center to the right.Bring together the right strand of the free hair and crisscross the central back.Then do the same with the left strand.The main difference that the French braid from conventional - the extreme lock is always done under the center, not on it.