If you prepare for the festive event, make a bundle decorated rims.To do this, wash the head and try as hard as possible to straighten your hair with a hair dryer and brush.Then apply on the dried hair fixing means.This can be a foam, mousse, lotion or gel for styling.Gather hair into a ponytail and secure with a rubber band.
If you have a long and slender neck, would be preferable to make a low bun.A flat shape to fit a high neck and volume hairstyle.Slightly pull his hands to his forehead natyanuvshiesya hair and wrap around the tail of gum so that it is kept free.
Secure the beam with the help of pins and invisible.Then put a thin rim at a distance of about 4 centimeters from the level of hair growth.Then stand back about 5 centimeters and put on the second ring.The finished hairstyle
secure with lacquer.
For combination with an evening dress, try to make a bundle of wavy hair.To do this, apply the foam laying on a clean, slightly damp hair.Then place them with a hair dryer and a large round brush so that the hair has become more lush and smooth.Take the tongs large diameter and wrap around one of the strands, but do not tighten, not to get the rings.Similarly, do your hair wavy.
Ready strands assemble in a free tail, secure eraser and pass through her hair again, but do not let the ends.As a result, you should have a loop that will need to wrap around the gum at the same time downwards.Secure hair pins and garnish with a hairpin.
For everyday hairstyles suit beam made as follows.Zacheshite all strands back and collect them in a high ponytail with a thin gum suitable color to the hair.Comb the tail and cut it into thin strands and then make enough of them loose strands.Each flagellum wraps around the gum and secured by pins to form a bundle.Ready to fix the hair lacquer, so that it can hold all day.