Wash your hair.Greasy locks in the fleece very quickly lose their shape.Dry them hairdryer.If you have thick, heavy hair during drying tilt your head and direct the jet of hot air to the roots.
Dry hair is divided into several parts.The front and sides of the Division for provide designated 1 cm thick, roll them into bundles and attach pins.
remaining mop also divided into separate "sections".Each strand will need to tease apart.Take it from the top at the back of the head.Take the first lock, lift it up.Movement from the top down gently spend on hair.First make a fleece, stepping back from the roots of a centimeter, then go up a centimeter higher.These segments nacheshi
te entire strand to tip.Consolidate the results paint a perfect fitting.Deal thus the whole mass of hair on top and at the back.All backcombed locks gather in one mop, bend the ends of the hair and fix invisible.Hair can bend down or sideways.As a result, you should have a neat roll.
Nenachesannymi hair that remained around the roller, it is necessary to close the fleece evenly.For this shoot forth rolled bundles strands and comb their comb with frequent teeth.Hair neck lift up, fix the upper part of the roll pins or invisible.Then, just fix your hair on the sides, the last to drop down and roll prishpilte under the upper part of the hair.Base hairstyle can decorate a wide ribbon, combined with the color of clothing.
hair need not be collected in a neat hairstyle .You can make a fleece, spread it on the front and side nenachesannye strands and hair under the roller leave loose.Gives hair can be democratic, releasing a few strands at the temples or pre-creating curls.
If you have not sufficiently thick hair, use a ready-made "Babette" - cover of synthetic hair that is attached pins.