modern beauty industry offers a variety of tools and techniques to create beautiful curls.In addition to traditional rollers of various shapes and diameters, here are all kinds of curling irons, ironing with special gentle ceramic coating curling with a variety of attachments, thermostats, and ionizers.Thus, the goal is only to pick up the device for curling, the most appropriate hair type and the desired result.
For short hair the most appropriate choice would be curling a small diameter.Depending on the shape of clippers curl can either only the en
ds of the strands or hair throughout.Curling is optimally suited to both of these problems, as it allows both to twist the ends and create a root volume.If enough regrown hair, it can be used to curl the real curls.
When using electrical forceps is important to remember that touching hot metal and even ceramic hair hurts, so it is important not to overdo stranded strands or curling irons.Undesirable as to wind the same strand more than once to not to burn the hair .If you want a more stable wave need to take advantage of special mousse.
If you want to curl day better to abandon the forceps in favor of traditional rollers - it is the least traumatic method of curling hair.Curlers better not cheat close to each other and do not pull the strands tight at curling.This will help protect your hair from excessive voltage.
Curl short hair no longer than 5-6 cm. Can be original and safe way using pins-tucks.At washed, slightly dried hair mousse is applied, then the individual strands welling in tucks and fixed.To create more volume and giving a natural appearance to hair strands should cheat in different directions.Wound on hair barrettes can dry hairdryer.Thus, in just 15-20 minutes, you can create a beautiful lush hair with light natural curls.