When painting the bleached hair, remember that ash and brown color hair dye can give a green tint, particularly in the dry ends.If you want to dye your hair bleached not a dark shade, it is better to prefer warm colors with a golden sheen.
If you want to repaint the hair bleached your natural color, it is also not so simple.Do not expect much that you the first time to get your natural color to the hair.It is better in this case to seek help from the hairdresser, who will tell you the professional paint that is suitable for your hair type.Do not look for your natural color o
f paint on the packs sold in the store, because both the bleached hair, these dyes can behave quite unpredictably.
Another tip - choose hair dye to lighter shade of your natural color, since it is possible that the effect will be more intense staining than you realize.Do not keep the paint on the hair more than the specified time in the instructions, the color will be too dark.
After dyeing hair, use shampoos and balms to enhance and maintain the color, they are less washed out color pigments of the hair.While the color is not in place on the hair (and this will need to make at least another 2-3 staining, do not make masks with hair oils that contribute to hair dye washout.
If you are going to paint clarified hair in rich dark color: red, black, red, then you should know that these colors lie on the clarified hair extremely bad - your hair can become dirty red or dull gray. From the dark colors better to choose thoseclose to the natural chocolate, walnut and others.
causing the paint to clarified hair , start to do it from the back. On the Whisky and the ends of the paint is applied at the end of staining, the color was more even.