flagella can be used as an independent hairstyle, and as a decorative element in other hairstyles.They are decorated with festive and bridal styling.From flagella weave braids.Therefore, mastering this simple technique, you will learn how to create gorgeous hairstyles at home.
In order to make an independent hairstyle, hair length shall not be less than the average.Especially look beautiful are laying on the long strands.Comb your hair s back, smooth them so as not to be seen parting.Curly locks should straighten slightly.The main thing - to hair 's not pushilis.
Now select from thin strand of hair and comb it forward in the opposite direction of growth.Begin to braid hair s left, moving to the back of the head at the same time smoothing them to separate hair Incas did not stick to the sides.
In the area of ​​the top of the hair twist 's particularly tight and gather into a kind of roses or twist in the roller, and then fasten the short pins or invisible.To create a festive way better to take the hairpin, decorated with stones, sequins, beads.
interesting look flagella using thread "floss".For this strand of hair pre tightly wrapped with thread and then proceed to weaving flagellum.You can take a thread of different colors for the different strands is to add color and image is very revive him.These hairstyles are good for the style of "country" style and youth, as well as to complete the image of the summer.
very elegant hairstyle looks next of flagella.Long hair s going back and divided into two strands.Then lock the left twist to the right and the right strand along with it - to the left.You can twist the hair s across the length and seal on the end of a clip, and you can spin up to half, fasten a rubber band or a decorative clasp and the remaining s hair combed into a neat ponytail.This installation will be appropriate to look in a business setting.
on holiday or party youth can make a hairstyle and, again, for the long hair .Hair combed smoothly and going back into a high ponytail tight.
Then you select a thin strand and tightly wring it into a flagellum, and then fixed.Gradually you have to weave all the hair s from tail to flagella , and then secure them all together so that the ends are on the bottom, under the s hair.You get a lovely rosette.
Decorate it can rhinestones.To keep longer hair, sprinkle it with varnish to strong hold.Effectively looks lacquer with gold or silver sequins.