On his head is advantageous to look normal beam.It is done in a few seconds and does not require extra tools, there are a huge number of types and styles.Take your hair in a ponytail.In the second reverse rubber band is not necessary to pull the tail through.The result was a small bundle.Loose ends split in half, one half of the beam and climb up gently get under the gum, so they are not crawled.Since the second half to do the same, but on the other hand.Hairstyle is ready.You can also decorate some places pins.
Still very well looked spit.Absolutely all sizes and shapes.Th
is may be a spike, braided on one side.The classic way of weaving spikelets simple.All hair is divided in half, each half of the side of a lock is taken and transferred to the other half.This continues until the end.When crossing the strands out original drawing, similar to the ear.You can also braid two convex braid.Kos is so named because it is not like an ordinary woven braid itself, but rather on my own.In the end, a narrow spit extends to the neck, and then narrowed.
If you do not have hair so thick, giving them volume with the help of wide satin ribbon and hairspray.Separate the top from the bottom of the hair and gives it volume.Securing hair lacquer, in a free position, a little above the others, hold their hand.Then take a ribbon, tie the top of the head once in a rim.Second time lead her from the neck to the back of the head and tie a bow.Then poddernite some strands of hair between ribbons for pomp.Now you have thick hair without a wig, they look stylish and practical.
tail and usually can be turned into a masterpiece.Take the hair in his fist and separate single strand.Wrap it around the tail, instead of gum.Remove the tip of a strand and all spill any paint.Tail braided in a simple braid.To Spit looked wider every plexus stretch on the sides.To create a separate image of youth long strands of hair around the temples, the excess can be removed by stealth.This hairstyle is a new class, it looks very fashionable.