stars often make careless spit and not only in everyday life but also in the celebrations.Create this hairstyle is very simple.To begin wash your hair.It is desirable for the amount of shampoo.Apply foam and dry them without the use of a comb.Then remove hair to one side and weave braid.Pull a few strands of braids.The end result is secure varnish.
certainly can not ignore the most common way, as the French braid, which can be done in several ways.To run the classic French braid need at least weave braids in the conventional technique in the course of the new weave strands.She may be very weak.To do this, use a large weaving strands in the back of the head.Having mastered this tactic can start weaving a complex braid.Kos can
be a very good solution to the question, how beautiful braid hair for every day.She is a great addition and perfect for any style of clothing.With strict suit cut perfect hair , woven and laid on top of the node.
How beautiful to collect
tails are also very popular.Make a high ponytail.Loosen the rubber band a little bit of the horses and remove the two locks on the sides.Tail vzeroshte.Here and ready very stylish hairstyle for every day.
Laying effect of wet hair.Wash hair and apply mousse.Then dry hair dryer with a diffuser-hen.Deal with varnish.All is ready.You can comb them and make the tail at the bottom of the occipital area, however it invisible in a bun and evening hairstyle gotova.I you are ready to conquer all its irresistible way.