you need
  • - shampoo;
  • - moisturizing conditioner;
  • - hair dryer;
  • - Styling Spray;
  • - means hot irons;
  • - curlers;
  • - clips;
  • - studs;
  • - beads and ribbons;
  • - small shawl.
Before laying wash your hair and treat their moisturizing conditioner.Do not spray on the hair roots, otherwise the strands become too heavy, and the amount can not be achieved.Do not abuse styling products - quick hairstyle should look easy and a little sloppy.
for meetings or parties of hairstyle will suit casually picked curls.Wet hair after washing dry under a stream of warm air from the dryer by lifting and squeezing the strands with his free hand.Use your fingers as a comb.As a result, you get a littl
e tangled mop of curls volume.
Collect loose ends of hair in one hand and tighten them to the back of the head, securing a large barrette.Run fingers through her hair and gently stir it to make it look a little sloppy.Gently pull a few thin strands.Put them not to spray for styling and wind curls on his finger.Hold for longer - this method of curling perfectly captures curl.
owners of long hair can try to date her hair hippie-chic.Treat dry strands means for heat styling and curl them to spiral curling.Let your hair cool down and your fingers lightly whisk the curls on the head by creating an artistic mess.Top little smooth hair large brush.The person plait several thin braids and woven into these beads, colored ribbons or thin laces.
for parties or walk suited lush original styling.Wet hair after washing dry in the air, clutching strands and combing fingers.Collect curls on his head, shifting them a little sideways, twist into a bundle, tuck into a bundle and fix the flat hairpin.Take a small handkerchief made of cotton or silk, hand-picked in color dress, wrap them beam and attach the fabric to the hair with the help of hairpins.Do not tighten the knot a scarf - it should look and relaxed air.