Tip 1: How to make the hair on prom

to shine in all its glory at the prom, it is necessary to carefully pick his outfit and accessories, make-up.And, of course, hair style - stylish, elegant, highlights your personality.

If you have long hair, a simple option is relevant: flowing light waves on his shoulders, slightly tousled locks with parting.But it is not to be confused with a similar hair unkempt unruly wisps.The effect is achieved by negligence then using styling.The hair wound on large rollers or curl tongs, then carefully combed.Dyed or bleached strands of hair look in this particularly impressive, visually creating additional volume.
is possible to focus on the hair, if your the type of person for them.In this case, twist the thin curls curlers or use the services of a hairdresser.But note that cool curled hair exclude romantic, flirty lace and ruffles in holiday dress.
ideal option for prom would be a high ponytail.Make it very simple: pull the hair on the back of his head and a good comb.This
hairstyle is convenient because it does not lose its shape before the end of the ball.If you decide to convert into a modest tail beam, a creative approach to its decoration.Satin ribbon, barrette unusual, colorful bow, flower - choose what suits you best, and the soul.
is very romantic and appealing look different braids - from France to the African.It is important not to overdo it with their number and intricately.Practice, try different variants: the Internet you can find many instructions for braiding.
Short hair can be curled and put in neat waves or comb on the side parting in retro style.Interestingly looks haircut cascade or tier.And if nature requires unusual, riot, erecting hair effect rastrepannosti, beaten out with locks, long lush fringe.But then again - keep a sense of proportion, do not go to undue risk in advance experiment with his hair.

Tip 2: How to make a beautiful hairdo on prom

For every girl graduation - is the day when you want to be the most beautiful and attract admiring glances.Another important point is the hair that can be done at home.
How to make a beautiful hairdo on prom

determine the style

In order to proceed with the hair for prom, you first need to roughly decide what you want: classic or something extravagant, loose hair or hide, high hair and a variety ofbraids.If you try a little bit, you can make a beautiful hairstyle yourself, it is not difficult.

To hairstyle looked spectacular, try a variety of hair clips, combs, headbands with flowers and without.Be sure to try to trim hair after buy clothes.It is better to make a trial version for a few days before the prom.

Hairstyle for prom on loose hair

If you want to leave your hair loose, do yourself a hair in retro style with flowers rim.To do this, separate the bang and a small amount of forward strands, combing them down on the person and secure rubber band or barrette.Make a well in the remainder of the bouffant hair, secure it with varnish and fold bangs back.Gently comb the hair to get a smooth luxuriant hair.To complete the image, wear a tight band with colors to match your dress.

Romantic Classics

The classic version - a twisting of the strands at the temples.Take temporal strands, twist them and retraction.Flagella can be fixed pretty barrette or tie a knot in the unusual, and her hair curled beneath them using curling irons.This type of hairstyle looks very gentle and romantic, and is best suited for those who chose to dress in the Greek style.

extravagant bow

If you love to surprise and are not afraid of extravagance, do yourself a bow made of hair.It looks bright and spectacular, and is an absolute hit this season.

To collect hair in a lush bow, first divide hair into two parts with a fine comb or a special device.The line of division must be horizontal, not as an ordinary parting.It will also determine the location of your bow.Secure the lower part with a rubber band or barrettes, you will return to it at the end of the work.

Nacheshite front strand elastic tie it and then perekin'te hair by hand and stick one under their gum so that the tip is sticking out about a third strand.You should have some sort of a loop of hair that needs to be divided into two parts and spread in such a way to get a beautiful lush part of the bow.Sticking put the tips of your middle bow, securing their pin or invisible.Secure the resulting hair with hair spray.

return to the bottom of your hair.Remove the rubber band and wind locks on curling.If you do not want the lower left part of the disbanded, the first phase remove all hair in a ponytail - this option will be faster, but the result - not less attractive.
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