you need
  • - locks on the clips (barrette);
  • - comb;
  • - hairpin-crab lifting and fixing their own hair.
to create an exceptional appearance, choose hair barrette, corresponding to the color of your natural hair.Buy long soft strands, made of natural or synthetic hair.Pay attention to their structural condition: Do not buy cheap hair - they quickly become worthless.If you want to make an unusual hairstyle, make your choice on other than your basic tone colors.Thus, you get extra-fashion hair, a genuine interest in others.
Make a horizontal parting below the neck.The bulk of the hair barrette fasten on top.If you can not alone, ask a friend / relative to help you.Parting should be smooth.
Take a strip of hair.In its entirety, open the clip-clip.Silicone Band, located underneath, will reliably fix artificial strands on his head.
Bring hair barrette made to the parting.Locking they need on their own hair, as close as possible to the bare scalp parting.First, fix the central hairpin (scoop teeth barrettes own hair and close it).Similarly, do unto clips, located at the edges of the locking strips.It does not stretch much artificial hair, let a little slack space - it does not affect the good fixation.
After locking the first strip make a second parting.To do this, let down your hair back away from the first parting of about three centimeters and then fasten the remaining hair barrette.Select a strip of artificial hair with four pins.In the first case used with three.Increasing the width needed to create the most realistic "picture" of the hair growth.Put hair barrette in the same way as the first time.
Next parted do at the tops of your ears.This part of the head is also quite wide, so use the tape with hair on four barrette.Attach it to your hair similar to the previous one.
Dismiss bonded hair barrette.Last parted for putting hair done at the very top.Do not forget that artificial hair to be attached to the present, as well as "covers" them from above.To the top of the strip is used with three clips.
treated hair barrette side of the head.Make a parting a few centimeters above the temples.For mounting, use two hair pins.Step back a couple of centimeters from real hair framing the face.Thus, the artificial strand itself does not give out, and just create extra volume and length.
remaining strands (one clip) attach as needed.They can be placed in the area of ​​the auricles or temples.Make sure that they are not placed on the outside of the hair line and around his face.Also, if you step haircut, watch out for a symmetrical arrangement of artificial strands.