With the first method, you can create slight negligence.This method is suitable for short hair.To do this, you will need to gel, mousse or cream for the volume of wax.Apply mousse and gel to damp hair.Then randomly, randomly lift locks up slightly stretch, shake and dry the hair dryer at their very roots.Gently pull the wet hair with a comb up and sprinkle with varnish.Then again chaotic, sharp movements dry hair dryer.To add strands shine on dry hair, apply a little wax.The effect of wet hair will give your appearance sexuality.To get it, use a special gel with a corresponding mark.
The second method is to create small curls.You will need a mousse (gel
) and a diffuser attachment.On the hair, apply mousse or gel and remember throughout their length.Then dry the hair dryer at the roots, with his head bowed down.Then gather the hair into the diffuser hot and dry, but not a very strong flow of air diffuser pressed to the head.Only use mousse or gel marked "for easy fixation."
third method will help you to achieve small and bulk curls.Of the tools you need curlers and mousse (gel).With papilotok make fascinating curls possible even in the morning before work.To do this, wash your hair for an hour before leaving, apply mousse or gel and almost completely dry hair.Divide them into strands and wind on the curlers.First ends of the hair, and then the whole strand.The thinner curlers you use, the more will curl curl.Dry the hair dryer until the end, and after an hour, remove the curlers are not pulling on the locks.Use your fingers to divide the hair.Model the hair without the help of a comb.The volume can be given with a hair dryer, then immediately fix the hair lacquer with average fixation.If you want to enhance the effect of curls, before winding curlers on each strand twist on its axis.