you need
  • - Chair;
  • - Cloth;
  • - pliers;
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - Roulette;
  • - Hammer;
  • - Adhesive PVC;
  • - Staples.
If you want to change the lining of the chair itself, log on to the loosening of the seat.Remove the screws, keep them.They will be useful in the future to secure the renovated seat.When remove the old upholstery off the chair, check the "cushion".If the "cushion" well preserved, only have to change the fabric.
with a screwdriver and pliers to remove all the basic details.Measure the length, width and depth of the seat.If the seat has a rounded shape were measured in its widest point.Note that the tissue will take approximately one and a half more than the received size.For example, when the size of the seat 30h25h5 see, you need to buy a canvas the size of 45h4
0 cm.
Fabric put the wrong side up on a flat surface.The seat post on top of the fabric down.Determine how to be placed upholstery pattern, in which direction do the pattern.Cut the fabric so that it was enough to close the angles of the chair.Roughly, the need to add to the dimensions of seats 2-3 least the size of its thickness on each side of the pattern.
Place the fabric on top of the seat on the right side and secure it with staples, since the central portion.Pull the fabric to the other side, avoiding wrinkles and creases.The edge of the fabric and secure the inside of the brackets, previously tucked inside.When attaching the fabric along the contour of the seat, to smooth out the corners by folding the fabric on the diagonal corner toward the center of the seat.So tuck all the corners.Do not forget to constantly stretch the fabric.
After installing the brackets, check their reliability.If staples sit freely, then tap them with a hammer.The next step is to change the upholstery of chairs, fabric glue to the back of the seat with adhesive PVC.During the night, part of the chair should be dry.Use a well-ventilated room.After this, it can only put the seat on the chair and tighten the screws taken out earlier.New upholstery of the chair is ready!