you need
  • - new kitchen faucet;
  • - adjustable or pipe wrench;
  • - a set of screwdrivers;
  • - a tow;
  • - sealant.
Open the valve and block the valves of hot and cold water until the water is no longer going.Inspect the pipe.The most commonly used water hoses with steel pipes (one hot, the other - for cold water) when they go to the kitchen sink.
Loosen sleeve that secures the valve to the pipe by means of an adjustable or pipe wrench.The rotation is counterclockwise.The clutch is usually located at the bottom of the sink.The nut can be rotated with difficulty - then you can drop a little machine oil.Or use two keys, one of which you will fix the nut, and the second - unscrew the coupling.
unscrewing the coupling, gently disconnect the tap from the pipes and hoses into - fr
om the tap.They are usually rubber, enclosed in a sheath made of metal.Immediately inspect the hoses into the thread for integrity - both internal and external.
rubber gasket inside the nuts must be present and in good condition.If the pads are too crushed or crumbled, replace them with new ones.They can be as cut by a suitable piece of rubber, as well as to buy the whole set in the home improvement store, in the department of sanitary engineering.
Now you can install a new faucet.Place the gasket on the sink so that the water does not leak under the sink, install the valve in place and use the wrench to tighten the nut that holds the faucet on the sink.
Connect the mixer to the pipes using hose fittings with gaskets.If you have a crane is mounted directly to the pipe, wrap the thread of hemp, its thickening layer as winding.However, do not exceed the height of the thread, or simply do not tap hard-boiled.
and sealant can then use.When it hardens, it is similar to rubber.If there is no sealant promazhte Screwed waterproof paint, or rather the enamel.However, it will be dry for a long time, but will provide good protection against water.Open water supply valves and check that all is well, there is not dripping anywhere.If everything is all sealed, this repair can be considered consummated.