you need
  • - based lubricant grease (lard or fat suit);
  • - from simple lead pencil;
  • - ax or vyderga;
  • - a dry cloth;
  • - screwdriver.
vydergu Install an ax or a door leaf.To do this, open the door so that it, when moving up, do not engage the box.Under the angle of the door, which is on the side of the sheds, slip an ax, bearing in mind that when you picked ax rose door leaf.Hold the door, remove it from its hinges and set so that it does not interfere with the passage.
Note canopies.On the door leaf, they have stocks, and on the box - the recess.Grease rods sheds fat, grease or lard.The grooves on the canopy, which are mounted in a box, add a little grease.You can also put a piece of pencil lead from a simple pencil.
Put the door on the awnings, using an ax or vydergu.Remove excess grease with a cloth.
If creaking went, but there was tension at the door is opened, then the loop is not set correctly.Correct this deficiency as follows: Take a screwdriver and loosen from each of the canopies screws, leaving one by one.When the canopies hang uncommitted, they are aligned the way they prefer.Make sure that the door opens and closes with no load.Do not forget that expose excessive exercise door is not acceptable.Mark the position of shelters and secure them with screws in the new position.
If you get rid of creaking doors failed and sounds supposedly coming from the friction of the door leaf on the box otrihtuyte box.To do this, take a paper carbon paper and put it in the place where allegedly the third door.Close the door tightly and immediately open.Take a look and blueprint, where she left her mark.
If a trace of carbon paper occupies a small area, then take a hammer and a wooden box primnogo in these places.
After the procedure rihtovaniya again put carbon paper on the box and close the door.If the trace of carbon paper left, then you have successfully Align box.Otherwise, use a plane and gently clean off the excess layer box.