Features choice of colors in the bathroom

Bathrooms in standard apartments usually have no windows and no natural light always makes the room dark and visually less spacious.The color scheme of the bathroom should be chosen taking into account this factor.Especially need to be careful when choosing the color of the walls, as they set the basic tone.

Dark colors make the interior walls of a strict and stylish, but the bathroom is a design may be extremely unfortunate.Even with good artificial light dark walls will press, creating a heavy atmosphere in the room, which is clearly not conducive to relaxation.Something like this may entail an excessive fascination with bright colors.

red, orange, blue and other vivid colors in a small room are starting to annoy and oppress
.They must be used very sparingly, guided by the rule "less is more."Ideal for bathrooms can be called light, neutral, pastel colors.They expand the space, add light and have no effect on the human psyche.

Which color of the walls will come to the floor gray

If you plan to change only the color of the walls and gray floor in the bathroom leave, you have a pretty wide scope for selecting colors.To choose the color of the walls in this case, think of what colors are best combined with gray, and a lot of them.

course, combined with gray gray: this solution may seem boring, but do not rush to conclusions.This whole "dullness" will be diluted with colorful curtains, rugs and other accessories.Also today, for bathrooms can be purchased not only white, but also colored furniture.

Grey bathroom floor perfectly with the pink walls - it looks spectacular and glamorous.However, in small bathrooms pink walls - not the best design, as this color is not expanding, but rather narrows the space.Thus, the brighter the color, the more noticeable the effect.In addition, the pink color is not like all, some of his literally can not stand, so opting for a given color, be sure to consult with your household.

versatile color that can be combined with any shade of the floor is white.White is probably the most perfect color for small bathrooms as visually enhances the space, making the room brighter.White walls are perfectly combined with white sanitary ware.