first need pogruntovat ceiling, remove the joints and seams.Take into account the type of the surface before starting work.Maximum flat surface is required to do in preparation for the ceiling whitewash, and for suspended ceilings or flat surface so unnecessary.

If you're going to make repairs in the new building after construction, a process such as the removal of the old coating is skipped.You can immediately begin to remove the joints and priming.In all other cases, you should start with cleaning the surface of the ceiling.

Most often the ceiling in old houses covered with whitewash.Also, there are wallpapered ceiling and plastered with lime mortar.To clean these surfaces need to take a paint roller on a long handle.Dampen the roller with warm water, then squeeze it a little bit.

Note - the roller must be sufficiently wet.Part of the ceiling should ride a roller, with no need to press it strongly, especially at the initial stage of the operation.With each new rolling the pressure is amplified.Wet thus part of the ceiling, you should proceed to the removal of whitewash.To do this, take a spatula and Clean of painting until until it becomes visible putty or concrete base.

If you find yourself under the old finish putty, you must take the spatula and check for strength.If the putty is held firmly, then take it off is not required.It happens that the putty begins to crumble.In this case, it is necessary to remove and apply a new one.

Removing old paint

If the ceiling was painted with oil or water-based paint, then remove the old paint in two ways.The mechanical method involves removing ink with a spatula.Also for this purpose can be used sandpaper.The second option is based on the use of special washing, which can be bought in a specialty store.The effluent was applied to a surface, the softening process with old paint can take up to 12 hours.

polystyrene tiles or decorative elements, pasted on the ceiling, remove with a spatula with a metal blade.The adhesive should also be removed.

When removing the suspended structures must be careful not to damage the elements of the ceiling.After cleaning the surface of the topcoat, you should go to the priming.First you need to check the joints and seams on the ceiling.They were filled with plaster or plaster solution.He must hold firmly.If the solution falls off from the light hitting or partially crumbles, the joints must be cleaned and filled again.