in these areas are very few sebaceous glands, and the skin is very sensitive.Therefore, and it requires special care.Even if the problems in these areas do not have, you still need to maintain a good state of preventive procedures.For example, in the morning rub elbows with lemon juice.Then run to the shower, rub these places washcloth, and then apply a rich cream.The regularity of such procedures will delight you with soft and smooth skin!

Judicious use of pumice is possible in case of a strong rough ski

n.However, do not overdo it!This can cause unpleasant damage that will only aggravate the situation.

emerged from deep wrinkles and flaking of the skin on the elbows should immediately get rid of.Use compresses impose a mask on the problem areas, and help you with this special collar.This is convenient, and the clothes are not dirty.

few tips and recipes that can be very helpful to you:

  • Rub elbows scrubs.Recipes for homemade peeling AMIS, that's one of them: 1 tablespoon of sour cream, half a teaspoon of salt and sugar.The resulting mass is suitable only if you it will be applied to the skin of heels or elbows.For other parts of the body this structure is too coarse.
  • do for your elbows oil bath.Two bowls, heat three tablespoons of vegetable oil, and put them in your elbows for 10 minutes.After the rinse oil, grease moisturizing cream.
  • Clean skin on the elbows, carrot juice, it will satisfy her vitamin A.
  • Well soften the skin and smooth out wrinkles masks of honey.
  • to lighten the skin, wipe the problem areas of lemon juice can be used for this purpose lemon peel.

Remember, in matters of health is important systematic procedures applied.