When washing you do not use additives such as "antinakip" to clean the washing machine from scale just once a year.The heating element in this long need to replace a new one.Whether to add the washing agent from scaling, unit owners decide.But the majority of these additives play no special role - they only soften the water, which falls into the machine, and partially dissolved the residue remaining after washing.Scale at the same time, of course, produced a much smaller, but not because the tool does not allow it to accumulate, and because the water softer.

Why use additives in the wash

The chemical purification process of the heating element (PETN) used a special tool, which can be bought in stores selling household products.Its wor
k is that the insoluble particles are formed when washing the precipitate collapse present in the additive materials.This helps the heating element to be cleaner.The main drawback of this method is considered considerable cost of chemical facilities and the need for constant use.Incidentally, when washing delicate clothes better not to use such additives.

powder from the washing machine has a special tray, which provides for separation of funds from deposits.Commercials vying to assert the usefulness of such additives - if they believe something when using chemicals you do not need long to repair the washing machine.But thus saving not work - as practice shows, the replacement of PETN in the car to the new less expensive than the regular use of chemical additives.And if you do not wash more than once a week, while not choose the highest temperature, fear of breakage of the machine due to the formation of scale is not worth, because it is formed quite a bit.

How can I remove the scum in a washing machine without the use of chemicals

to combat limescale accumulating on the heating element of a washing machine, there are many other ways in addition to the use of chemical additives in the wash.For example, the physical removal, i.e. scale from scraping surface of the heating element.But for this you will need to disassemble the machine in order to extract from it the heater, and is more likely to damage the element itself.

can spend cleaning using citric acid.To do this, run the wash cycle without laying the laundry in the drum.The separation of the tray, which is filled with an additive that protects against the formation of scale, laid two to three tablespoons of citric acid powder.The control panel must select a program for washing cotton things - not only is the longest time of washing, but the suitable temperature.Thus purified and heater, and a drum machine.