you need
  • - timer;
  • - shoes with laces;
  • - comfortable and beautiful home clothes;
  • - garbage bags;
  • - detergents;
  • - note pad.
to become a real "flying mistress', you must fulfill several conditions.The creator of offers before starting work to freshen up and put on shoes with laces.It motivates and does not relax.The apartment should be divided into zones for further cleaning.Typically, the zone includes one or steam room outbuildings - such as bathroom and toilet and a storage room or hallway.Depending on the number of rooms in the house number of zones can vary.
main principle of fly-lady - daily cleaning devote 15 minutes in one of the zones.Beginners should m
ake a list of the works specified therein obmetanie ceiling dust, wash floors under furniture, wiping windows and other necessary things.Works are performed in an area for one week, then you need to switch to the next room.For a week cleaning, you can pay attention to the most secluded corners, and the room is always kept in order.
Marla Scilly recommends that special attention be paid to clean plumbing.Beginners Fly lady offered to shine and polish the kitchen sink to keep it in order, wiping after each use.It motivates them to restore order and maintain the hostess begins in the desired tone.
One of the main rules of fly-Lady - a constant timing.Buy a timer and each work is given no more than 15 minutes.This mode allows you to not get tired of the monotony, while making work interesting, and fun competition with itself.
15 minutes to restore order - this is not all things that need to be performed daily.According to the system, fly-lady you should completely "razmusorit" apartment, getting rid of junk and unnecessary things.Throw them away or give it to those who might need them.Start with the major blockages to proceed on food supplies in the cupboard, seasonal items in the attic, a mini-warehouses in the pantry and cellar.The main thing - do not take the time every day throwing only 27 items.Task fly lady - cleaning and razmusorivanie turn into an exciting game.
Another daily ritual - cleaning in the "hot spots".So they called the place where trash is collected.It can be a chair in the bedroom, a computer desk, a shelf in the hallway.Empty the "hot spots" of debris, random things, newspapers, shopping.Ideally, a few weeks harvesting "hot spot" must cease to exist.Restore order in the troubled areas given just a few minutes in the morning and evening.
maintain order and help the development of "routine" - a small list of cases, which is performed daily, morning and evening.The morning routine may include Bed linen, cleaning cages and trays pets, bringing order to the bathroom, loading washing machine and dishwasher.In the evening you can cook, iron, sweep the floors.In the routine should not leave too much time - 15-30 minutes a day is enough.