you need
  • - napkins;
  • - rags;
  • - household products.
Use to remove dust from the surface of special tools and fixtures.On how to properly wipe off the dust, and will depend on how often it will need to do.The most ineffective way is just rubbing surfaces - no matter what it uses, with a soft cloth or a special whisk to swipe.All the same, tiny particles of dust will rise into the air and settle on just brushed surfaces.
Try as little as possible to use a dry method of cleaning the surfaces of dust, especially in cases where the premises are constantly suffering from asthma, allergic pe
ople or very young children.For such applications, only suitable wet cleaning.
Use special tools for cleaning dust - be it with a soft cloth made of microfiber, which does not leave stains, whisk, wipes impregnated with special compounds and have anti-dust properties.Dust should be in the same order - for example, only clockwise.So it will not be smeared, and will meet all in one direction.
Make sure to clean using special household products.They are perfectly clean furniture and other surfaces, reduce the electrification of furniture with polished surface that does not allow dust to settle on it in large quantities.Such tools are available with a pleasant smell, in liquid form and can be used as an aerosol.Polishing, liquid composition, is also easy to use and a little bit more economical aerosols.
If you do not want to spend money on cleaning materials, take home a simple cloth.Use materials devoid of pile.Do not wipe the polished and lacquered furniture with a wet cloth.To take care of the furniture, use mats or pieces of plush fabric.