Measures to combat hair loss will depend on the causes of baldness.If the cause is genetic
, you should use the means of awakening dormant bulbs.The fact is that throughout a person's life, 80% of the bulbs function, and 20% - sleep.These 20% can be stimulated to grow.To do this, use the following folk remedies:
Onion mask.Grate the onion on a grater, add raw honey and warm burdock.Rub this mush into the scalp, then you need to wear a shower cap or bathing, and wrap a towel on top.After half an hour wash with shampoo.Apply 2 times a week.
Acetic decoction of the roots of calamus.To make it, pour 3 tablespoons.l.crushed rhizome in half a liter of table wine or cider vinegar a
nd heat for 15 minutes.After application rinse well.Similarly, preparing and nettle broth (4 tbsp. L. Leaves 0.5 liters of vinegar).
rubbed into the skin mush of fresh pounded garlic bulblets.
If the reason lies in the external causes: adverse environmental impact, vitamin deficiencies, chemotherapy, it is sufficient to eliminate the impact factor and the hair will recover.Drink vitamin complexes, try to move to another location, use the tools for regenerative medicine.
If funds allow, it is possible to transplant hair.This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.The hair on the back of the take, and transplanted segments of skin with hair follicles in the bald part of the head, replacing it.The place from which take follicles, sew and cover adjacent hair.Head perebintovyvayut.The bandage is removed after 10-12 days.
addition to hair transplants scalp reduction is possible when portions of a bald head, cut and sewn.This method is applicable to small baldness on the top or back of the head.However, these methods are only applicable if not complete baldness.
If the fight against hair loss has not led to a positive result, you should opt for regular shaving head.What film is replete with examples of brutal bald men who are the subject of adoration of millions of women.One need only mention the names of Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis.And if you should dig into the Internet and find pictures of Gosha Kutsenko, before he started to shave the hair on your head, you will agree with the fact that his bald head much more is than the hair.