you need
  • Lubricants
  • Dental Needle thread
Never attempt to remove the ring, pulling it up and down.So you only injure the skin, and the finger will swell even more.Gently and slowly twist the ring on the finger, allowing it to slowly rise higher.
If a ring that you wear for a long time without any discomfort, once in the morning - stuck, and all the fingers look a little swollen, it may be due to excessive consumption of salty foods the day before.Do not try to remove the ring immediately - wait until the middle of the day.Drink more water to wash the salt from the body and, most likely, the swelling subsides and the ring can be removed without effort.
If fingers began to swell because of the heat, raise your hands so that the hands are above the level of your heart.You can lean on his elbow on a high table or stand and wait, when blood flow to the hand decreases.This will allow the tumor to escape and to help remove the ring.
ring sometimes interfere with folds of skin on the joints.Ask someone to hold your skin on the finger of a little drawn down, while they themselves try again.
In every house there are many substances that can serve as a lubricant and to help remove the ring with minimal damage to the skin.It can be:

- cosmetic Vaseline or hand lotion;

- conditioner or shampoo;

- liquid soap;

- antibiotic ointment;

- Spray with vegetable oil;

- body lotion;

- just lather.

Generously apply grease on your finger around the ring, turn the ring a few times.Take a soft cloth and start to remove the ring.The fabric is needed in order to keep your fingers do not slide over the lubricated metal.
If you have a dental hand sewing thread and a fine needle, it is worth to try the following method.

Pass of the thread under the ring.Start winding the thread part of the finger that over the ring.Wrap up the joint, tighten the thread tight, but not so much that it causes severe discomfort.Now, hold the lower end and starts to pull him, unwinding and picking up the ring.
If the finger began to turn blue, it is not necessary to spend time on independent attempts.Call emergency services, rush to the emergency room or to the nearest jeweler.You can lose a finger!Cut the ring is much easier than you imagine that.Cut the ring can be repaired - the least to worry about it.