you need
  • to exercise.
  • elastic band, dumbbells.
  • oregano, lime, flax seed.
  • Vacuum Massager.
  • rocker.
Visually breast volume can be increased with exercise.Since the breast is surrounded by small muscles, including the muscles of the shoulder girdle.They support the breast.And their status can be improved by exercise, massage and miostimulyatorov.
But a complex of different exercises to strengthen the muscles needed.
1. Sit cross-legged.Hands clasped hands at chest level, elbows t
o the sides.Firmly press the palms against each other, straining all the muscles of the shoulder girdle.Repeat 20 times.
2. Starting position - too.Pressed her hands to each other and breed and keep elbows, straining all the muscles of the shoulder girdle.Repeat 20 times.
3. Raise and lower the arm, which is a heavy object behind.Repeat 12 times.
4. sit down, put your elbows on a table, his hands to prop up the face.Tighten the chin and arms towards each other.
5. Embark on an elastic band, the ends of which hold in their hands.Raise your hands up, sideways, backwards, stretching the tape.
6. pushups.
will help increase breast small woman's secret.Women carry the load with weak hands on the spine, legs trying to lean on something.It is a little bit of movement and change over to strain your arms and shoulders.Learn to keep your posture.This visually make the breasts more beautiful and more.
ideal exercise for this is rooted in the old days.Bring two buckets of water on the beam.
Enlarged breasts, you can use herbal infusions: oregano, lime, flax seed.
Oregano is called & lt; & lt; female & gt; & gt;grass.It contains a large amount of phytoestrogens.Regular use increases breast and normal menstrual cycle.In the cup of boiling water should be 2 tablespoons oregano brew for 30 minutes.Drink half a cup 2 times a day for 20 minutes before eating.
Flax seeds prolong the life of the woman, are an excellent anti-cancer agent.Breast enlargement is necessary to use 2 tablespoons of seeds, add them to yogurt or yogurt.Only during the day should drink plenty of fluids.
Flax seed.
Breast enlargement is useful vacuum massage chest.Massager looks like a breast.It supports breast and coached minor chest muscles.Massager it works very simply.As the compressor, you can only move the contact surface.Contraindications: the second half of pregnancy and the risk of miscarriage and if you already have a breast tumor.
Vacuum Massager.