Inherently self-leveling floor - a dry mixture, which upon dilution with water becomes a solution.The composition of the mixture may be different cement or gypsum, various polymers of the epoxy component.Cement and gypsum self-leveling floors are no different variety of designs and are used primarily as a rough framework for laying the floor covering.Polymer floors are known for color and texture solutions that are used to create the original interior design.
The polymer flooring
for different rooms, there are several types of self-leveling floor based on different components.Epoxy floors are designed for rooms with high humidity, feature high hardness.They are well maintained in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.They are not afraid of changes in temperature, but they also have a significant disa
dvantage.Epoxy flooring is quite fragile, their impact resistance is poor.
best option for premises considered polyurethane floors.They are distinguished by high wear resistance, toughness and resistance to any aggressive chemical attack.Their device requires a minimum of skills that allows you to do without the extra costs of raising the professional master.Polyurethane floors simultaneously perform several functions: leveling element, protective and decorative coatings.
methyl methacrylate coating designed for rooms with an average load level on the floor surface.They are not in high demand mainly because of very sharp and unpleasant odor during filling solution.The smell completely disappears after drying the surface, but when working with this compound should be very careful.
order to finally decide and make a choice of the inlet floor, you need to clearly define quality criteria that must have is flooring.They are: wear resistance, non-toxic, fire, high durability and aesthetic appearance.
It is difficult to say what kind of self-leveling floor is better, much depends on its purpose, financial capabilities and the features of the interior, where it will be located.Technology of production of self-leveling floors are booming, improve their performance, become more diverse design possibilities.