you need
  • - gidroperita tablets;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - a rolling pin;
  • - glass or porcelain;
  • - teaspoon;
  • - 2 ampoules of ammonia.
Decide the concentration of the solution needed to lighten hair.The percentage of peroxide in the dye mixture depends on the thickness of the hair.For thick hair requires 8-12% solution, hair of medium thickness - 6-8%, thin - 3-6%.If you are going to bleach the hair dry, reduce the concentration of the solution to 2-3% of the recommended.This is necessary in order not to burn them.
Take 5 tablets gidroperita, put them in a clean sheet of paper.Fold the sheet in half.Grind the tablets are in the paper, on pressing them, for example, a rolling pin.Pour the resulting crystals in glass or porcelain w
are.Add thereto 1 teaspoon (5 ml) with warm water.You received 5 ml of 30% hydrogen peroxide solution.
Dilute the resulting solution to the desired concentration.To determine the amount of water needed to make a dilution proportion:
5 ml - 30%
mL X - Y%, where Y - the concentration of the solution that you want.Accordingly
Y = X% × 5 mL / 30%.
For example, you need a 12% solution.The proportion in this case is as follows:
5 ml - 30 ml X
% - 12%
X = 12% × 5 mL / 30% = 2 ml.Consequently, a 30% peroxide solution to obtain a 12% concentration, one must add 2 ml of water.
Pour peroxide solution 2 vials of liquid ammonia.Ammonia accelerates the discoloration.
Apply on the hair coloring formulation.If you discolors the hair on the body, then soak for 3-5 minutes.In the case of bleaching the hair on his head - 10-15 minutes.After this time the peroxide rinse with plenty of warm water.
If the result of lightening you are not satisfied, repeat the procedure in 3-4 days.