you need
  • - antiseptic;
  • - an anesthetic (lidocaine, procaine);
  • - sterile needle or a scalpel;
  • - glue BF-6;
  • - means to improve the microcirculation;
  • - stimulators of tissue regeneration.
Remove jewelery.The opening will be delayed up to 6-8 mm independently.In that case, if you were a tunnel or plug of larger diameter, this procedure will help you determine the elasticity of the skin.One day, on average, a hole should be reduced by 1-2 cm. If it is decreased in diameter less than 10 mm, most likely, you will need professional help.
Contact your ENT doctor to decide on the surgical method of getting rid of the defect lobe.The choice of treatment depends on the situation.The procedure may be limited to excision of scar tissue around the perimeter of the tunne
l and applying one or two joints, whereas in severe cases may require plastic surgery to restore the original appearance of the ear lobe.
If large-diameter tunnel delayed yourself, you can speed up this process so-called method mikronasechek.Its essence lies in the fact that the edges of the holes are damaged in several places with a needle or scalpel health to stimulate skin regeneration.Before the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and treat them with a solution of any antiseptic.The same solution disinfect lobe.To reduce pain on the skin spray "Lidocaine Spray" or novocaine, apply ointment.Take a sterile needle from a syringe or a disposable scalpel and in several places, apply a notch depth of 1 mm.Coat the edges of the wound to medical glue BF-6 and connect with each other.Be careful in contact with damaged skin infection will develop inflammation, which would postpone the dates tightening tunnel.
mikronasechek method may be replaced by short-term insertion into the tunnel decorations, having a diameter larger than the hole itself.Preparation for the procedure and its completion similar to those described above.