Types laying

to laying ceramic tiles do not become long-term problem, it should proceed only if a finishing all prepared.First you need to measure all the walls, followed by calculate the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinstallation.Buy ceramic tile better margin, as unforeseen circumstances in the form of chips are always possible.Now you can choose the way of the masonry.

most primitive way is the direct clutch.To cope with it even a novice.More complicated is the diagonal brickwork that is ideal for building a square shape.This method allows you to get a spectacular surface and mask the existing flaws.
There is already a certain level of skill required.If you are amateur - it is better not to risk it.

Finally, the tiles can be located in a checkerboard pattern.This option is considered a classic, and involves the use of two-color tiles.In areas with the same square shape similar figure will look amazing.If the rooms in the apartment have a rectangular shape, it is best to use a styling in which each successive number of tiles will be forced to move relative to the previous one.Making such a way is a bit like a brick wall.

process with tiles

At the planning stage, you will need pencil and ruler.With them on the plane can be represented as tiles will be located, mark the place inserts, borders, and other elements.Because of the plan it will become clear exactly how many tiles need.A short list of what still is useful for: glue and the capacity for it, drill and attachments thereto, sponge, grout, trowel, brick corundum for grinding the edges of the tile.Having prepared everything necessary, you can start.

a pencil line on the wall, which will serve as your reference points in the process.For this purpose the lower left corner, measure the distance from the floor, which must be equal to the height of the tile.From this mark draw a line across the wall.For accuracy, you can use the building level.

Spread glue to the consistency of thick cream and put it on the tiles with a special notched trowel.Start packing should be the left corner of the wall, on top of the line drawn by you.Make sure that the bottom face of the tile parallel to the marked line.

Place the second tile next to the first.To masonry was perfectly flat, it is necessary to use special crosses for joints.The third feature of the first tile.Thus, a speed clutch.Further, it should work in the same manner.After graduating remove crosses and treat special grout joints.