vacuum cleaner before cleaning carefully protect yourself from dust, wearing an apron, gloves.Moisten the air around cleaner , sprayed water from a spray bottle.This will prevent you swallow dust rose into the air.Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the mains.Wipe it out.
Remove the dust bag from the vacuum cleaner .Disposable discard immediately (it can not be used twice in any case) and replace with a new one.Paper dust bag is enough to change once a month.The reusable bag is made from fabric, so that it can be periodically cleaned and washed.Please carefully shake out all the content by placing in a plastic dust bag or garbage bag down a hole.
bag Wash with soap and water, pat dry, put it back into the vacuum cleaner.Do not wait for the dust bag is full
of reusable as often as possible wash it.Accumulated dust prevents the free passage of clean air, which can lead to overheating and damage the motor.
If you have a vacuum cleaner with a container (cyclone vacuum cleaner), remove it, shake out the trash, wash, dry and put the container back into the vacuum cleaner.Use another method.Pour the water directly into the filter.Wait a while until all the dust will not turn into mush.Now discard the dirt and wash all parts of the vacuum cleaner as usual.
vacuum cleaner with water filter should be cleaned after each cleaning.To do this, drain the dirty water and rinse well filter container.The purer the filter, the air cleaner room.
To cleanse detergent cleaner drop in a bucket of clean water hose nozzle and turn on the device for 5-10 minutes.Thus it is washed.Then open the lid vacuum cleaner and empty the dirty water.Dry container.
Keep the brush cleaner .After each cleaning clean brush from hair, wool, thread.All this is often wound on wheels during the rotation and the brakes work cleaner , overheating the motor.