If the stain from tea fresh - remove it using salt, mixed with glycerin.Apply a paste of these two ingredients on the spot, wait until it absorbs its contents.Now wash the item in the usual way, for example, in machine-machine.
Likewise, use a different mixture to remove stains from tea - the same salt, but with a mixture of half a teaspoon of ammonia.Rub the mixture of spot, wash it in soapy water, rinse.
On the bright tablecloths tea stains deduce ammonia, dissolve one tab
lespoon of it in a liter of water.Put under the tablecloth, where the spot, unnecessary clean white cloth.Now soak the sponge in the solution and rub the stain.It must "go" on the fabric under the tablecloth.In a similar manner to remove the stain cloths with a solution of citric acid (a tablespoon per gallon of water).
Hydrogen peroxide is well removes stains from tea with white fabrics.Even if there was a stain on them for a long time.Moisten a cotton wool in it and rub the stain.After 15 minutes, wash the item in cold water.
glycerin diluted with water in the form of (a tablespoon per liter) excellent removes tea stain with cloth upholstery, a carpet.And with the wool and silk remove stains with undiluted glycerin, moisten it a sponge or cotton swab.Wipe the damaged area on the cloth, blot the spot after 10 minutes with a paper towel, wash clothes in warm water with soap agent.
colored things with spots from tea yield 10% solution of borax.It is necessary to moisten the cotton wool and rub the stains.Then, the product should be washed in warm soapy water.