in a dry environment sharply reduced the number of bacteria, and therefore must be well dry shoes or using heaters or the sun.Pre-need to pull the laces of shoes and pick up the language.
Shoes can be frozen, and only then to dry in the sun.There is plenty of evidence of the effectiveness of this method of odor control.For this footwear, placed in a plastic bag, placed overnight in the freezer.
The well dried shoes at night to put orange peels, because of the high content of essential oils they produce deodorizing effect.An alternative to orange peel can serve any essential oil (lavender, for example
, or tea tree), a few drops are applied to the shoe insole.
Tissue shoes can be washed using the washing machine, but you need to turn off the centrifuge.Wash it should be putting in an old pillowcase or together with a couple of old towels.Water should not be much hot, and it is desirable to add white vinegar.Wash shoes to dry in the open air.
need to prepare a deodorizing powder has antiseptic properties and absorbs odors.Make it one tablespoon of cornstarch, three tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of tea tree oil.This composition is processed by wearing shoes inside and left overnight.This is an excellent tool to combat the fungus.
good way to dry shoes and get rid of the smell becomes a simple newspaper that need to crumple inward and put shoes on for a while, preferably overnight.For these purposes fit cat litter.After drying in a way a newspaper or filler are simply thrown out.