you need
  • - liquid synthetic detergent;
  • - softener;
  • - alcohol.
Jackets from plaschevki or synthetics you can wash in the washing machine.Before washing, prepare the product, unbuckle all fur collars, remove all of the pockets, turn the trigger on the left side, fasten all the zippers and pockets.
Wash according to the information on the label.Most often, the washing temperature should be minimum as the spin speed.Always wash produce bulk products on the delicate cycle, using liquid detergents, as usual powder is very difficult to rinse, and the jacket may be left white stains, no matter what you will use the additional rinse.
When you add a final rinse conditioner, after squeezing put the jacket on
a coat hanger and dry thoroughly away from heat sources and heating appliances.
Fur you can brush away from the jacket.To do this, use the semolina, bran or starch.Liberally sprinkle with fur, clean your hands, shake thoroughly, dry outdoors.
If your jacket has heavy dirt or grease stains, treat it before washing all contaminated sites by means of highly denatured alcohol or gasoline.Dampen a sponge to thoroughly clean all the stains and only then produce washing.
If your jacket made of leather or imitation leather, that it can not be erased.To clean the product, wipe with a damp cloth jacket soaked in ordinary water.All grease stains, wipe with a cotton pad dipped in rubbing alcohol.You can also give the jacket to the dry cleaner.
If your warm autumn jacket of wool, wash it in the washing machine on the program "Wool".To dry the jacket, put it on a towel, carefully straighten.