What Constitutes a good washing powder

The composition of any washing powder consists of surfactants, the main purpose of which is to remove the fibers from the clothing of all kinds of pollution.In addition to surfactants, to help fight spots contained in detergents and phosphates polymers.But environmentalists argue that contained phosphates in detergents, intended primarily for the water softener and the exclusion probability scale formation in the washing machine, a very negative impact on the human body and the environment.That is why the use of laundry detergents, which are present in the composition of these substances is prohibited in many European countries.

Things stained fatty substances or protein or
igin, such as blood, milk, chocolate and all kinds of sauces, it is best to wash powder containing the ability to break down fat and protein substances - enzymes.Wash the powder with enzymes things should only in cold or lukewarm water.The thing is that when the water temperature more than 50 ° C, enzymes lose their cleansing properties. Wash silk and woolen garments powder with enzymes is not recommended due to the devastating impact of these substances on the natural protein tissue.

protect clean things from education to help them stubborn stains contained in detergents antisorbenty - specific, coating fabric fibers and prevents the absorption of dirt in them.

To clean dirt from the white things, experts recommend using a special detergent powders containing special bleaching agents.

The choice of washing length: conventional powder or concentrate

modern detergents presented in the form familiar to most people, powders and concentrates.The content of active substances in a concentrated laundry detergent is several times the amount of detergent compounds included in the conventional detergent. most often concentrated detergent available in the form of liquids, tablets and capsules.

concentrate main advantage over conventional detergent is its efficiency.And despite the considerable cost of the concentrated detergents, their efficiency and ability from the first time to remove all the dirt on things, do concentrate the undisputed leader among all existing detergents and washing powders.