In some cases it is better to carry a silk dress to the cleaners

To begin to get acquainted with the symbols on the label maker.Typically, there contains the temperature at which the product can be washed.However, not all dresses made of silk is subjected to a wet treatment at home, some of the products are for professional care.When buying things made of silk, pay attention to the labels inside the product to subsequently raise questions about how to carry silk dress dry cleaned or not.Also it does not hurt to ask the employees of the store where you purchased the dress.Professional cleaning silk dress is especially true when very dirty.

Features manual and machine washable silk dress


for machine washing should choose appropriate mode: "Silk", "Delicate
wash."Be sure to add in the washing machine and air-conditioning means for washing delicate fabrics.After washing, it is not necessary to use drum drying.

silk dress - a thing not cheap, and hand-washing is preferable to choose, without fear of tissue damage.Wash silk dress better separately from other items.The water temperature during washing of silk products shall not exceed 30 degrees.The water should be added special detergent silk or delicate fabrics.Do not use chlorine bleach in order not to give the fabric a yellowish tint.To keep the brightness of the color, choose a liquid powder labeled "Color".

Concentrated funds should not fall on the cloth, because they can stay stains on the fabric in the form of multiple layers of a lighter shade than the color of the product.Silk dresses do not have to be in the water more than 10 minutes.So much protein filaments can be melted, and the product will lose the pristine form.

correct spin silk dress - one of the most difficult procedures.In order not to stretch the dress, we must set the product on top of an absorbent material such as towels, and then the excess water will drain on their own.A gown can then be expanded to the entire surface of the dryer.To not use drying racks for clothes.Do not dry summer silk dress under the influence of sunlight.

Care Tips silk dresses

Ironed silk dress better from the inside, the temperature should not exceed 200 degrees.Stripped delicate silk is not worth it, because the dress out of shape and color.Pressed against a hot iron to the dress better not more than 5 seconds.With increasing temperature increases the volume, and further not to increase the size of the dress, the product must be worn on the hanger after it has cooled.

to the dress has retained its environmental properties and still remain natural, to avoid getting various chemicals, such as cosmetic products: hair spray, antiperspirant, deodorant, perfume, medicinal ointment.

Zastiryvat silk dress should not be, but wear to the last stage of pollution is also not worth it.By following these tips, silk will retain their original properties and will delight for a long time its tenderness and beauty shine.