Can be washed in a washing machine Converse

Wash Converse can be both manually and in a washing machine.Oddly enough, the second method not only saves power, but also makes it easier to keep the shoes: sneakers hand-washing them often permanently soaked with detergent in warm water, resulting in conversions can shed.

Thus, if the wash Converse sneakers in a washing machine, observing all safety precautions, shoes will not lose its quality, keeping the color and not deformed.

How to wash white Converse

Training shoe to washing in the machine

before washing is necessary to remove the insole and unlace Conversion - laces and insole washed separately, or insoles can warp, and laces in contact with the metal grommet - "rust."

After that, clean the dirt from the sho

es: carefully wash the soles;using a slightly damp sponge or soft brush to clean the garment from dirt fabric top.

Wash Converse sneakers better by putting them in a special net bag for washing.As a substitute of the bag, you can use a pillow case.

laces better wash separately by hand - washing machine when they can tighten the drum, which is fraught with breakage of the washing machine.But if Converse erased in a bag - laces can be folded several times, tied and put in a bag.

When washing shoe can be added into the drum of the washing machine a few small textile things - it will soften the inevitable bumps on the soles of the drum.

How and what to wash in a washing machine Converse

Wash Converse can be on any short wash program.But it is better to choose a delicate washing program - in this case, the drum will rotate more smoothly.Shoes washed at low temperatures - 30-40 ° C.Color conversion is best to wash at 30 degrees, otherwise they can shed.White sneakers can be washed at 40 ° C.

color conversion for washing in the washing machine is better to use special powders labeled «Color», or shampoos for washing colored fabrics.White Converse washable versatile powders, white.If the shoes are very dirty - you can add detergent oxygen or optical brightener.Bleaching agents containing chlorine wash conversion can not be used - sneakers may turn yellow.

Sneakers are usually washed without spinning.But sometimes (for example, if there is no long drying time), you can use a weak spin - no more than 600 rpm.

Dry conversion into the washing machine can not be - the hot air would lead to deformation of the shoe.For the same reason you can not dry them on the battery or the heater.The best way to dry shoes in the air, but not in the open sun (it is fraught with burnout).Warm, purged in the shade - an ideal option.When drying, you can fill the shoes of white paper or paper towels, crumpled in lumps.

How to wash Converse

How to wash manually Converse

If you decide to wash sneakers Converse hand - before washing them also need to unlace, remove the insole and the like should be cleaned of contamination.

Then in a small bowl, dissolve in a glass of water at room temperature a teaspoon of powder or liquid detergent and lather.Wet shoes and cool water using a sponge or soft brush generously apply a lather.Leave to act for 10-15 minutes.

Then pour into a bowl water at room temperature, put it in sneakers and with a brush or sponge soapy water washes away, changing the water in a bowl as needed.After the procedure properly rinse your shoes under running cold water.