Features use and storage of patent shoes

Patent leather is made from the usual high-quality material by applying to it a special glossy finish.In this way, footwear and other products, such as handbags or gloves acquire luster, are waterproof, but also lose their elasticity.In addition, patent leather shoes or boots is quite susceptible to cold and humidity - in extreme cold glossy skin becomes brittle and can easily crack.Conscientious manufacturers do not recommend wearing a leather goods at temperatures below -10 and a walk in shoes in puddles.Keep lacquered shoes worth in individual or linen woven bags that do
not touch the surface. patent leather shoes can also be stored in the paper, but not in the newspaper.Also it is necessary to put in a shoebox small bags with moisture absorbing material.

People's how to care for lacquered shoes

patent leather shoes are popular for several decades, our grandmothers were happy to dance on such boats.But since the quality of creams for footwear at the time did not exist, women had to take care of it with the help of available funds.On the Internet you can find a few of these "grandmother's" recipes.For example, the surface treatment of shoes onion juice.Also was popular milk, which rubbed the skin.However, the first method can harm the lacquer layer, because it is not PH-neutral and the other is bad in that the lactic acid bacteria actively proliferate medium.Also, in the last century to care for lacquered shoes used breadcrumbs, but its good for the skin is also questionable.In fact, the best "national" means a knitted cloth and mild soap.It is enough to wash away the dirt of shoes and wipe dry.But more should choose a national media professional. Fortunately, manufacturers use to create advanced technology patent shoes - shoes are now more resistant to mechanical stress, moisture, the material has become more flexible.

modern care for lacquered shoes

major cosmetics manufacturers of shoe care product line developed for patent leather.Firstly, it is special creams or mousses, giving the surface of shoes elasticity and softness - it saves it from cracking.Second, the damaged area can be varnished with a special gel.And finally, to patent leather shoes shone like new, you should use sprays and aerosols.And the means for normal leather or suede should be abandoned - they will leave unsightly stains on the varnish.Sometimes it seems that it is easier to save on shoe care products, but a properly fitted "medicine" for the shoes extend their life for years to come, and in fact patent leather shoes go out of fashion.