Start caring for gloves with the first socks - treat skin or suede special water-repellent spray.For leather products are also suitable creams.Try to avoid getting wet gloves.If this should happen, straighten the product (ideally - put it on cardboard, repeats the shape of the hand) and dry at room temperature.When dried by the fire, near a heating duct leather and suede stiffen, lose their shape and may even crack.If gloves callous smooth skin, wipe them with castor oil.
Regularly clean the gloves: a dry day, the wet - at the end of the season or at the least pollution.For dry skin, use the cleaning cloth, soft cloth or sponge shoe.Suede processed using a special brush, and eraser.
for wet cleaning of leather products, use a soap solu
tion with the addition of ammonia (the ratio of water, detergent and ammonia - 60: 5: 1).The thinnest skin - Laika - does not tolerate washing with soap and water.These gloves, wipe with a cloth or a cotton swab dipped in unleaded petrol, you can completely delete the product into gasoline.Then rinse the gloves with water and gently squeeze, wrapped in a soft towel.You can not wash delicate product with water and dry and sprinkle talcum powder to remove residual gasoline.Suede gloves, wash with a weak solution of ammonia, water, then wipe with vinegar.
not store leather and suede gloves in polyethylene - his impenetrable structure is not suitable for natural materials.Use a box or cloth bag.It is advisable to put the gloves inside cardboard appropriate form.