There is an international association of the signs on the care of textiles Ginetex.This association was founded in Paris in 1963, after several workshops that took place in the late 1950s.Ginetex Association has developed an international system based on symbols.The icons used to indicate the necessary care, are registered trademarks and the property of Ginetex.

laundry symbol define the rules of care and prevent their premature failure.
These symbols are always placed on a separate label, are sewn from the inside to the product.There are five types of symbols that represent the following processes: washing, drying, ironing, bleaching and professional cleaning.The additional symbol indicates a delicate operation mode (single strip below), particularly the delicate operation mode (two separ
ate strip from the bottom) and the prohibition of the operation (crossed symbol).

Laundry Laundry

designated trapezoid with a wavy top line, this icon found on every label.Per symbol is usually a number, which represents the allowed temperature of washing: 95 ° C, 70 ° C, 60 ° C, 50 ° C, 40 ° C, 30 ° C.If, instead of the temperature of the hand drawn, this sign stands for hand-washing at 30 ° C-40 ° C.Symbol laundry washing prohibits cross inside the product.If there are additional characters (single or double underscore), they represent the above mentioned modes of operation (delicate or particularly delicate cycle).

Drying Drying is indicated by the square and is divided into three types: machine-drying, normal drying and drying in the shade.

If squared circle, it is a sign of drying machine and symbolizes the following:

- in a circle two points - the usual drum dryer;
- one point - a delicate drum drying at a reduced temperature;
- cross in a circle - a ban on the drying machine.

If the square drawn one or two sticks, that is the sign of a normal drying:

- one vertical rod - drying in an upright position;
- two vertical sticks - drying in an upright position without spinning;
- one horizontal rod - drying in the horizontal position;
- two horizontal sticks - drying in the horizontal position without spinning.

The icon "drying in the shade," added the line in the upper right corner.Indications are the same as for a conventional drying.


ironing icon similar to iron.The number of points within the allowable temperature denotes iron ironing and corresponds to the number of points on the iron modes: three point - 200 ° C, two points - 150 ° C, a single point - 110 ° C.Crossed-iron says banning ironing.

Tooth whitening

symbol - a triangle.If it is empty, bleaching is allowed by any means.If within the two bands, it is only allowed nehlornymi whitening bleaches.The crossed triangle means that the whitening is prohibited.

Dry Cleaning professional cleaning is indicated by a circle with a P or F in.As for the other characters, crossed sign means a ban on cleaning, one or two stripes from the bottom - or particularly delicate delicate cleaning mode.The letter P denotes a conventional dry cleaning using all solvents, F - using hydrocarbon fuel and triftortrihormetana.

Wet professional cleaning circle denoted with the letter W in.Single or double underline represents a delicate or particularly delicate operation mode, the cross - the ban on the operation.W in the round - the usual wet cleaning.

Now it is easy to understand exactly what is required of your care products to serve for many things.