In other dogs who received the once widespread in Malta, called the Maltese or Maltese.They are of two types - the European (a more elongated face and torso) and the US (their short snout called the "doll-faced") types.They are adapted to living in an apartment, very attached to his master and do not suffer alone.Do not start Maltese, if a family has young children.Playing with a fragile 3-4 pound dog, they can cause her injury.
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Perhaps the most troublesome in the content of this breed - grooming.It is usually divided into two parts from the base of the neck along the back.Usually, by the age of one year wool grows to the floor.If you prepare your dog for the exhibition, it is already 3 months, brush your pet d
aily.The coat should be smooth and silky.As its regrowth, take care that it is the same length, from time to time to straighten it.Many breeders are cut short Maltese as long and beautiful hair of the dog quickly slips into mats.
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Bathe longhaired Maltese once a week.If this is not done, the dog quickly get dirty and lose its royal appearance.For bathing, type in a basin or bath with warm water, and to avoid slipping feet, lay on the bottom of the rubber mat.Use special moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, which include flaxseed oil.Before use, read these instructions carefully, as some cosmetics do not need to rinse.After bathing, blot the hair a few towels and carefully comb.
Maltese require special eye care, as they have around the dogs often appear wet circles.Buy a pet store in a special solution and wipe the problem areas moistened it with a cotton pad.Call allocation can coat hanging from the top.Therefore, it is fixed with soft rubber bands.An unbalanced diet can also cause discharge.It is interesting that for each dog breed is a diet developed individually.Feeding advice is available from a veterinarian and breeder.
once every 2-3 weeks Maltese cut the nails, as well as shorten the hair between the pads.Make it better after bathing.Clipped the tip of the claw so as not to hurt the blood vessel.Regularly inspect the dog's ears.Wool in the ear should not be hammered into the ear canal.Ears Maltese susceptible to infections.If they turn red or become hot, show the dog to the vet.
Maltese does not require great physical exertion.He is quite content with short duration physical exercise on a leash and home games.From an early age, try to teach it to more or less certain mode (feeding, paddock).Do not over-indulge Maltesa, otherwise the dog will quickly become capricious.