Before choosing a puppy cocker spaniel, ask the breeder to show you mum kids.Note that, in any physical form, it is enough if it is well maintained.Remember that depleted the running dogs simply can not be healthy puppies.
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you buy a puppy cocker spaniel should not be less than 6-8 weeks.If you wean the baby from his mother too early, most likely, he would often get sick and grow weak.
Education spaniel puppy
In no case do not choose the smallest and puny pup of the litter, even if it will seem more cute than others.It is likely that in the future he will have problems not only with the development, but also with health.
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consider very carefully
the appearance kids.A healthy puppy cocker spaniel should be: strong symmetrically developed body, strong legs, beautiful nails, soft pads without nodules and scarring, clear skin without redness and scratches, shiny coat and a warm soft belly.
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very carefully inspect the muzzle Cocker Spaniel puppy.The nose should be wet and cold, the surface of the ears - pale pink, and eyes - clean and shiny without purulent discharge and pimples.Take a look at the mouth of the baby.If you see a pink gums clean and well-developed white teeth, healthy puppy.
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Note wool kids.By two months of age puppies cocker spaniel should appear shiny, silky fur without bald spots, seals and dandruff, replacing soft puppy fluff.
observe the behavior you liked cocker spaniel puppy.The kid does not have to be fearful, be wanton aggression (biting, barking incessantly and grin).The puppy with a balanced psyche, as a rule, calmly responds to external stimuli such as cotton hands, knocking on the door, the sound of falling to the floor keychain.