Why kitten tears?

smectite dosage for cats

If the kitten pulled out, no need to panic and rush to the veterinary clinic.Maybe the kid just overeaten, and your stomach back too much.Explore vomit for foreign non-food items or wool.Their Ingestion may provoke vomiting.The kitten could also eat grass.

How to calculate the portion of food for the cat

kitten can snatch after a meal, if he ate very quickly and not chewing food.If your pet vomits from time to time, change your diet.Perhaps, given the power it does not fit.The cause of vomiting can also serve as a sharp change of power.

what to do with a cat in the house

If vomiting had a one-off, and the kitten is not a fever, it is playful and interested in food, is behind it, and treat yourself to watch.

the cat had a stuffy nose what to do

Day do not feed the animals.Otpaivat its small portions of water with a few drops of the solution "rehydron" after a short time.Give
baby kitten "Smecta".You can give antispasmodic "No-spa" and antiemetics "Reglan".If vomiting returned, and the kitten has become worse, contact your veterinarian immediately.

cat sneezes dark discharge from the nose

Causes of vomiting in cats may be more serious.Vomiting may occur for 4-5 days after you give your pet anthelmintic drug.This suggests that the animal a lot of worms, which are identified with the death of a lot of toxins, which in turn served as poisoning and induce vomiting.In this case, repeated deworming is needed.

Vomiting may be an indication of the presence of your pet such diseases: chronic gastritis, obstruction of the pylorus, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic pancreatitis, peritonitis, liver disease (cholangiohepatitis), tumor (stomach, pancreas), intestinal obstruction (partial or complete dueforeign body), a disease of the large intestine.

Do not self-medicate when kitty listless, refuses to eat, he had frequent vomiting, diarrhea, a fever, vomiting is present in the blood.Urgent need to go to the vet.The doctor will do an exam and prescribe treatment.

Prevention vomiting

Some types of vomiting can be prevented.To do this, carry out the animal worming every 3 months;time to be vaccinated against infectious diseases;regularly comb pet;ensure that the kitten had a balanced diet;close him access to the bin, Christmas tinsel, plants.It is also necessary once a year as prophylaxis show favorite veterinarian.