disease in cats, no less than humans, and they occur in different ways, with different symptoms.Some of the manifestations of the disease may notice the host animal itself.So, what to do if a cat has swollen nipples?

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how to establish gestational age cats

Cats have four pairs of nipples on the anterior abdominal wall.The most common pathology develops in the last two pairs of nipples.One nipple (rarely - a few) increases in size.However, the nipple swells and breast cancer.In what diseases it can happen?

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Do you understand that the cat is pregnant

Mastitis usually occurs in lactating cats, although it can occur in pregnant women.It is due to the fact that breast milk stagnates.And this stagnation associated infection.Breast thus looks edematous, painfu
l, it is soldered to the skin, vascular pattern stands out clearly.The nipple is tight, hot, covered with small cracks.Cat avoids touching the stomach, but the sore nipple licking more often.By clicking on the nipple can be seen cheesy discharge.

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Because mastitis - it is a serious disease is suspected it is necessary to consult a veterinarian immediately.Depending on the severity of the disease the doctor will recommend local procedures - compresses and lotions - or general treatment, which includes vitamins, antibiotics, immunostimulants.


Mastopatia - a rebirth of breast tissue.For cats is almost always a precancerous condition, so delay the consultation of the doctor is not necessary in any case.Mastitis symptom in one - increase the breast that is not associated with pregnancy.The seal may be of different sizes, it is not soldered to the skin, with smooth edges.For cats breast does not cause inconvenience, so the onset of the disease is easy to miss.

disease is diagnosed after a puncture with breast biopsy.During this procedure, the breast is pierced with a needle and syringe to aspirate the contents of the tumor.Even if there is no liquid discharge, to cytology sent tissue remaining in the needle.

Depending on the condition of the animal, the doctor may prescribe conservative therapy or surgery.Conservative therapy is conducted, if the risk of malignancy is low (usually a correction of hormonal and vitamin).Surgical treatment is indicated when there is suspicion of malignant transformation of the tumor.The operation is removed and the nipple and breast cancer, their tissues are sent for histological examination.

breast tumor

tumor - this is the most frequent pathology of breast cancer in cats, and in most cases the malignant process.Like humans, it is very easy to miss, because the first time the cat did not care.The first symptom - a tumor of the nipple.The size can be very different: from 0.5 cm to 3 cm and more - the size of the malignancy does not.If unable to recognize the initial stages of the process, it is necessary to move the pussy surgical operation, during which it will remove a few or all the mammary glands.When comorbidity, suggesting the impossibility of operation, cat chemotherapy.With timely treatment of the disease prognosis is favorable.

can not bring to the stage of the disease when the animal grows dull coat, covered with cracks and nipple of the breast appears discharge with bad odor, increased adjacent lymph nodes.In this condition, the prognosis of the disease is extremely unfavorable.


exact causes of breast cancer and mastitis nobody knows.The main theory suggests hormonal theory of the origin of these diseases.From this perspective, the optimal preventive measure will sterilization cat before the first heat.This procedure significantly reduces the risk of these diseases.