you need
  • - bran;
  • - sweet potatoes;
  • - a sedative.
included in the diet of your pet wheat or oat bran.For an animal weighing less than 15 kg add to the usual portion of half a teaspoon, larger - two spoons.
how often the dogs chased worms
Show the dog to the vet and ask them to appoint a suitable range of medicinal plants, aimed at the expulsion of worms from the body.Be sure to check the dosage and method of administration of the therapeutic composition.
how to give a dog a pill for worms
Give the four-footed friend yams or sweet potatoes.It will help to establish and strengthen the stomach digestion that is suffering as a result of helminthic invasion.Large individuals can be given 1-2 tablespoons of sweet potatoes a day and a dog weighing less than 15 kg - two teaspoons.
How often can I give York antiglistnye drugs?
added to food spicy seasonings.By creating a hostile environment in the intestine, they contribute to the complete expulsion of the parasites from the body.Start with a few grains or drops and increase the dose until the pet did not give up "spicy food".
like taking pills dogs
choosing anthelmintic drugs a focused action, be sure to check the feasibility of their use by a veterinarian.It is important to know the method of application and the dosage of the drug is for your dog , because it is toxic.It is necessary to take into account the physiological condition of the animal health status of the organism, then what other drugs give the dog and how they will affect the absorption and action of anthelmintic drugs.
coughs and refuses to eat
anthelmintics Do not let the dog during pregnancy or lactation, as this can have a negative impact on the health of babies.It is best to do the expulsion of worms for 10-14 days before the planned matings.If we make a treatment of the mother before the viscous failed to banish worms puppies can be no earlier than 21 days after birth.
Learn in a veterinary clinic on what effects and side effects can result from the treatment, and how you can help your pet cope with them.