you need
  • - 3% cent hydrogen peroxide;
  • - ear drops;
  • - cotton swabs.
Look carefully at the auricles cat .If a pet is often shakes his head, scratching the ears, of which later appear dark in color selection, it is ill otodektoz, ieEar scabies.
immediately show cat veterinarian or consult a specialist on the phone for the correct and phase of treatment until full recovery of the animal.
how to clean a small kitten ears
If it is impossible to get qualified assistance or advice from a veterinarian, buy specially designed for the treatment of ear mite drops "ciples," "Leopard" or "Otibion."Get a cotton swab and a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide.
that drip kitten ears
Before each use, wipe droplets bought cotton swab dipped
in hydrogen peroxide, both ears cat .Movements should be very careful not to damage the delicate eardrum in an animal.Carefully read the instructions on the use of drops.Spend a full course of treatment, despite the fact that after the first days of instillation of external symptoms may disappear.
how to cure cat ears
If cat's eye was swollen, and there was a visible bruise, so he suffers ear hematoma.This may be due to a severe blow, insect bites, or crush the ear.Press firmly cat ears to the back of his head, apply a tight bandage, and take him to the vet for a checkup.
vylichit as an ear mite in cats
Look to the cat.If he often shakes his head, refusing to eat, becomes sluggish, his vomit, his head tilted to one side, he rubs his ear, from which stands out the liquid brown color with an unpleasant odor, it is likely to have cat otitis.This inflammation of the middle and inner ear, which may be in contact with cold water or foreign matter.
Take Urgent cat to a veterinary clinic.Specialist prescribe a course of antibiotics in the form of injections, instillation, the imposition of warming compresses, ultraviolet irradiation, the initiation of special preparations in the ear.The treatment of otitis media in the home without the advice of a veterinarian can adversely affect the health of the cat .