Tip 1: How to cure a cat at home

Domestic cats live long and do not differ fragile health.However, if the animal is still felt bad, you'll have to take his medication.To establish an accurate diagnosis can help a specialist, but to engage-nursing pet you can own.Cats come in a hospital in very rare cases.Most of them home safely recover.

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diagnosis to treatment was correct, it is very important to properly diagnose.Do not do it yourself, contact a specialist.Cats are unwell, but did not show it.To catch the disease at a stage when it can be cured, pay attention to the symptoms: loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, fainting, unusual behavior, problems with the toilet.Single refusal of food is not a problem, but if the cat does not eat all day hiding, avoiding the tray - a reason to contact your veterinarian.

Sometimes the diagnosis is possible only by means of tests.For example, a common blood test can help diagnose serious illnesses such as chronic renal failure or diabetes.A detailed veterinary examin
ation is required and injury, poisoning or other accidents.

Features of treatment

When the diagnosis is established, together with the doctor develop a treatment plan.Decide what you will be able to carry out the procedure at home.For example, it is easy to master the intramuscular or subcutaneous injection, or to give oral pills and potions.Houses can be put even drip.The vet will set a vein catheter animal that needs to be changed every three days.This is such a simple procedure as an enema or gastric lavage may be a real problem for the owner.It would be better if this will nurse in a veterinary clinic.

asked to specify exactly which medicines prescribed cat.Select the appropriate form of the drug.For example, if a cat's constant vomiting, instead of pills and drops it to better administer the drug subcutaneously or intramuscularly. often with antibiotics and other strong medicines doctors prescribe Supplements If you do not see fit to give their pets from these additives can be dispensed with.But to save on essential drugs can not.

Home hospital

Select a suitable place for a sick animal.This can be a basket or box, the laid a soft cloth and waterproof diapers.They have to be changed frequently - unwell cat will not always be able to get to the toilet.Moreover, it is unlikely to hygiene - this responsibility you have to take.If the animal is cold, you can put a cloth or heating pad hot water bottle.Make sure that the cat does not lay in the draft - the weakening of the animal gets cold easily.

not bother the cat, give him the opportunity to sleep plenty, however, do not forget the time to do all the procedures prescribed by a veterinarian.It is important to adjust the power.If the cat does not eat more than a day, it can become a big problem.There are cases when the animals died not from disease and hunger.To avoid this, the cat will have to feed forcibly.Instead of dry food or home to write large pieces, let the animal in the form of canned pâté.Even more convenient baby meat sauce - it is liquid, weakened the cat does not need to make efforts to eating.Please note that cat and more likely to eat a little warm and fresh food.Put a little sauce on a saucer and put on the stand that the animal did not have to bend over. Some patients prefer to eat pets out of the hands of the owner.Let your cat this little whim.

If the cat does not eat himself, try desoldering it from a syringe without a needle.Spread the baby mashed with warm water and injected into the cat's mouth in small portions.Do not give too much food at a time to pet vomited.Do not offer animal sweets, fatty and smoked dishes, it can also trigger vomiting.Besides the food, let the cat clean water.

Tip 2: How to cure a cat

kotovladelets Everyone should know the most common symptoms of feline diseases and some rules cat "ambulance".
Age 2-4 months - the most vulnerable to diseases.
you need
  • Cat's first-aid kit.Probiotics.Vitamins and supplements (e.g., sulfur).Immunostimulant (on the advice of a veterinarian).The antiviral drug.Drops for eyes and nasal lavage.Antiparasitic drugs.Powder for the treatment of open wounds.Syringes.
Do not procrastinate!A person can bring the viral infection is literally on the soles of outdoor shoes.The disease can be sluggish, "blurred", and can develop rapidly when the animal is "burned" just a day.The average latency period of the disease lasts 3-5 days.Once the disease manifested itself, the treatment should start within the first day.Cats metabolism is much faster than a human.Leave animals with panleukopenia, "lie down" for a few days - is like a sick person throw fever for a week or two.Each card kotovladeltsa should be a veterinarian with a mobile phone.A better than one.
Keep a first aid kit cat "ambulance".To the animal does not clog the stomach hair, he regularly gives Malt-paste or probiotics.The latter may be in the form of powder or tablets - starters for yoghurt (tablets are thrown into a glass of non-fat milk and put on a 12 hour dark warm place).Periodically, you need to drive parasites: worms, ear mites and fleas.Giving anthelmintic drugs have recently been ill or weakened animals can not.
Learning to give injections.It may actually save the animal's life, but it should be understood that an amateur enthusiast can do more harm than good.Therefore, veterinarians advise beginners or people who have no relation to medicine, to keep the house the most harmless and at the same time, professional agents - "Fosprenil" (antiviral, natural origin) and "Gamavit" (immunostimulant plus vitamins B, which is especially important in the case ofpanleukopenia).In the case of viral infection, if you can not immediately call a veterinarian at the withers cat makes 1-2 ml "Fosprenil" and 1-2 ml of "Gamavita."Preparations can be done simultaneously, but not a single point.In extreme cases, they can be desoldering animal, written dosage instructions."Fosprenilom" washed his eyes and nose.
If the animal has swallowed a foreign object (bone, rope, paper, gum), is to translate his broth, sour-milk, you can give a sunflower or olive oil.It is not necessary to give dry food or solid food.And in any case it is impossible to pull yourself gum or rope from the anus or cat do an enema!You can severely damage the intestine.It is important to remember that the best treatment - is prevention!
the same syringe injection can not be done.And certainly not worth picking a drug already used needle.It will deteriorate, and the stingy owner runs the risk of provoking a blood infection in cats.
Helpful Hint
It makes sense to ask your vet about the master class subcutaneous injection."Scruff" cats - insensitive place.The main thing - to keep the needle horizontal, parallel to the backbone, and not to make a shot quickly.It can cause pulmonary edema.Disposable syringes for animals are cheap and sold in veterinary pharmacies.In human needles longer, but they can also be used.
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