When the diagnosis of hepatitis B, the animal is assigned a special drug treatment - injections, pills, homeopathic medicines.Poite cat special herbal fitosbory (sold at a regular pharmacy) with a diuretic and choleretic effect.Such bury the broth through a pipette.With the proper treatment of the symptoms of hepatitis (yellow whites of the eyes, loss of appetite and lethargy) should disappear after a couple of weeks.If treatment has been assigned is not true or not respected, hepatitis may progress to a chronic stage.
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Untreated hepatitis causes cats liver failure.It can be caused by viral infections, acute food poisoning, an illness relapse.Treat liver failure in cats under the scheme proposed by a veterinarian.When a serious condition the cat is assigned a number of injections (fosprenil, chlorpromazine, etc.), Which should remove the acute condition.Next scheme is assigned to the injection of vitamins, antibiotics, vspomogayuschih funds.Let homeopathic remedies (liarsin as injections, tablets Kars).
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During his illness to turn the cat food diet.Prior to clarify the diagnosis try not to feed the cat, but let as much water as possible with glucose.When the diagnosis of hepatitis B early days of cat starvation diet.Then gradually begin to introduce food.During treatment it is necessary to limit the protein and salt.Put the animal in a natural food.After fasting offer pet low-fat chicken broth.Gradually enter into the diet of porridge (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal), cooked in water with the addition of carrots, parsley and dill.The porridge, add boiled chicken, turkey, liver.Enter dairy products - cheese, for poisoning - products laktobifidobakteriyami for the normalization of the bowel.
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during recovery and rehabilitation ensure the cat proper nutrition and vitamins.This will help you feed manufacturing special dietary line: Hills Prescription Diet Feline L / D, Royal Canin Hepatic, Happy Cat Diet ¬ęThe heart and liver."Dietary food for cats with liver disease contain an optimal balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, they reduced the sodium content and balanced nutrients.
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