Tip 1: How to make a striptease at home

At the beginning of family life loving relationships do not require heating.Newlyweds can not wait, when get to bed.But after two or three years, when passions subside, there are children and the problems of everyday life, quality sex require some training.

dance for her beloved husband, or that is capable woman

Home striptease - a great way to diversify sex life.But it requires serious preparation.And not only because professional strippers know special moves have a good stretch and strong muscles.Dancers perform in clubs, on stage, where he created a certain atmosphere.And you have to make erotic dance house.Therefore it is necessary to eliminate the sudden invasion of other family members into the bedroom.Take the children to the grandmother, older relatives send to the country or to the theater, unplug the phone and lock the door of the castle.Just feeling complete isolation, you can relax and overcome embarrassment.

The home striptease importantly - attitude.It does not matter that you do no
t sit down on a twine and do not reach the heel to ear.Try to express the dance love, tenderness, passion.Move so that the cause of her husband acute sexual desire.To whatever you'd better know what part of your body's most excites partner.Try dancing to focus attention on her, enticing, teasing, but did not fall immediately into the arms.Neither professional stripper will not be able to excite your husband because, as you know his weaknesses. Do not just try to sit down on a twine or strongly bend back at the waist.These movements can cause muscle strain, they require extensive training.

correct striptease at home - where to start

If the creation of the appropriate environment all around is clear - children and relatives expelled from the house, the room is dim, candles lit, champagne is cooled, then the beginning of the stripper can be difficult.It is better to prevent the spouse of a surprise advance that he was taking advantage of the silence and the shadows, do not lay down to sleep.

Seat loved the couch, turn on soft music, offer a glass of champagne and a light salad with seafood.While enjoying a partner and nourishes the body so useful in intimate moments protein, change clothes in another room in beautiful clothes, wear stockings and negligee and leave her husband. to the husband did not begin active operations ahead of time to warn that you tie him to the couch.First let get visual gratification, and then - physical.

Approach it, pat and kiss on the cheek.The first touch is very important.Men's psyche is quite vulnerable, and the transformation of a quiet home in a sexual panther cat can cause a severe blow to her.So give your loved one immediately feel the heat, let him remember that you - it is you and not someone else's aunt, from whom it is not known what to expect.

Remember that the peak of female sexuality occurs between partners when there is no misunderstandings.Therefore, during the dance interest of her husband, if all he likes, or be slow or speed up the pace.These inquiries will be necessary only during the first striptease, then you learn to call a wild desire to have the beloved just one movement the shoulders or hips.

Tip 2: How to learn to dance striptease

Many believe that the strip - a "dance-nudity".Stripping, of course, an integral part of a striptease, but not the main one.Striptease - is a kind of game, flirting, the emancipation of the body.Undress, dancing a little boring, and it is unlikely it will lead man.Today we will learn to dance striptease quality.Follow our step by step instructions.
How to learn to dance striptease
Learn some basic dance moves of striptease.Rotate your hips.Stand on both legs, body weight transfer on one leg, and the second will expose a little forward.This position gives a clear outline of the bend hips, let your partner will appreciate you appreciated.Now start to rotate the hip of the leg that is exposed forward.For myself, I can say: "By itself - away - from him - to the other side," and so the circle.
Build your dance chair, preferably with a back.Sit on a chair, feet should be on the floor, hands on his knees rest against, while the back straight.Catch sight of the partner and begin to fascinate.Very open your legs, hands on his knees leave.Simultaneously with the movement of the legs flex back at the waist.
Learn beautifully squat.To start work out at the wall, in this part of the dance, it is important that the back was straight, in any case, do not slouch.Leaning against the wall and begin to slowly slide down on it, while the legs should be slightly apart.He sat down, his arms spread wide his knees.Then start up.First, straighten legs, rise up, cave ahead.Remember, first unbend legs, then up the trunk.
Select music that are going to dance.Music should start first of all you, and you have forged his dance partner.Follow the music and not break the rhythm.It would be better if you will dance to the tunes well known to you.
Select your image.What you will be performing a striptease?Woman vamp, a nurse or a professional stripper?Choosing clothes, remember, it must be removed quickly and easily, so you do not have to fiddle with buckles.
Do not forget about hair and makeup, as well as high heels.Everything must be perfect.
flirt with your partner, build his eyes, tease and seduce him.And watch the eyes, it must be a sight predator, look him straight in the eye.
During imagine yourself dancing cat, all movements should be smooth and inviting.Good luck!