Increase your tactile contact with a man.More often hug and kiss him, spend a little in the face with your fingertips, playing with his hair.You can whisper something in his ear.From these things quickly infest man and a woman is already starting to be seen as an object for sexual relations.
Pay as much attention to kissing.Sometimes it is only one correct and sensual kiss that man just wanted you.Play around with the tip of his tongue and the language of his cubes, often kiss French.You can even publish a soft groan and cover my eyes to arouse his passion even more.
Begin to dress more provocatively.Go to the short skirts and more open tops that emphasize cleavage.Remember that men like to look at the shapely legs, elastic ass
and volume, high breasts.Wear tight-fitting things in moderation and if possible high heels or stilettos.Claws or fishnet stockings good complement an attractive appearance.
Try to communicate on an intimate subject.You can start with innocuous questions about what type of women attracted to your man the most.Try to ask for something more tricky, for example, what your body likes it most.As soon as he would call (breasts, butt, etc.), put his hand on it.The man is very surprised and can quickly be excited.
offer men to hold a meeting in some bright and unusual place.For example, visit a party in a night club and take part in erotic contests.Also here you can show all his art of dance and seduce them your partner.You can visit the exhibition of erotic paintings or go to the movies with the film "hot" scenes.
Take as much initiative.Touch while cuddling up to him casually intimate places, often gives him a "lascivious" look.Particularly courageous woman may elect to invite me to visit the pretext of dinner or watch a movie together.In such situations usually enough just one hint that the man quickly realized what to do.The main thing is take care of the intimate protection and hide in the nook or bag pack of condoms.