you need
  • 1. Candles on a long stable base.
  • 2. Aromatic oils to create an atmosphere.
  • 3. Flowers.
  • 4. The costumes for role-playing games.
  • 5. Warm blanket.
  • 6. Beautifully decorated table.
It is best to think through a predetermined subject - it could be a classic evening by candlelight or a night dedicated to some sharing your event, anniversary, day dating.What do you cook like file an what kitchen select - need a small script.Will the music, wine or champagne, flowers, hot tub, aromatic oil or relaxing massage?
Prepare a special dinner, treat him with something extraordinary.For this evening best suited French or Italian food with few spices and a wide variety of dishes.Particular attention should be paid to dessert - cherry cobbler with cinnamon and port wine, pistachio cream or lemon souffle Anglesey - the choice is yours.It is necessary to pay attention to products that are natural aphrodisiacs, such as avocados, almonds, strawberries, oysters and other seafood.
Be unpredictable.You can "play", for example, blindfolded in front of the apartment.This will increase the surprise effect, strengthen its sensations.Decorate the room with flowers or rose petals, use the scented lamps or oil.Make him an unexpected gift - a cigarette case, which he had long dreamed of, or bait, to show how well you know him, showing interest in his hobbies.Invite him to walk on the roof of your house with a bottle of wine and a warm blanket.
And of course after a delicious dinner and a few glasses of wine it was time for the most important "dessert."Pick up a set of beautiful clothes.You can try to role play with the images of a nurse, a secretary or a teacher.It's time for those experiments that you have always put off for later.If he was tired and did not set up to spend the evening in such a crazy way, review your favorite movie or loop through albums with pictures of your memorable moments.